high-end elite escort

A high-end escort is a professional companion who provides for sophisticated gentlemen looking for more than just a girl with a pretty face. While on the unconventional adult industry as it were, elite high-end escort is not promoted through demeaning and distasteful photos of her in different states of undress or marketing her solely for her physical looks. An elite high-end escort is endorsed to the gentlemen who are looking for a real woman that is authentic and a fresh young lady for whom escorting is not her full time career. This type of escorts is a real companion which provides emotional intimacy, psychological support and even mental stimulation.

Not only do high-end escorts dress professionally and look incredible, but they have interests in a range of things, such as being wined and dined, participating in sex chat lines and helping to make you feel good.

Overall look

Of course the escorting industry is still based on image just like with the modelling industry. So it is important that you have a fresh face, a classic and timeless beauty coupled with a flawless complexion as well as lovely features. And just like a model, you need be a blank canvas in order to provide what the clients prefer to some extent. Tattoos are big no-no, and your hairstyle needs to be well-kept and suits you really well. When it comes to overall look, you need to be a timeless beauty. A traditional cosmetic surgery can enhance your look but overdoing it can ruin your looks as well. You need to avoid having too much done since natural beauty is still commanding.

Lifestyle and physique

Aside from looking beautiful, you need to physically excellent. But this is not to say that there is a certain body type or height that works, but whatever your height or body type is, you need to be in exceptional physical condition. You need to be really fit whether you’re an hour glass shape or has a supermodel physique since you are working at the level of elite. You need to be religiously eating healthily and carefully choosing your food. Being in this category of escorting means there is no place for being lazy with your diet, regular partying or a lazy lifestyle. It is important to take really good care of yourself.


Old-fashioned schooling education is somewhat seen as rather conventional by the elite set of escorts, but it is still something bowed to and considered as a typical requirement in order to prove your ability to obligate to and achieve something in your youth. And then we have the more organic kind of education of life which includes music, art, theatre, opera, conversation, travel and interaction with cultures just to name a few. There is no school that can provide the kind of kindness and understanding that Botticelli stimulates. A mixture of these two types of education is required in a good elite high-end escort. This actually involves a certain way of upbringing in order to be exposed to this kind of culture.


In today’s social climate, this is a really important factor. Showing your shape is tempting. Showing your flesh is a rather common, tacky and not accepted in high society. An elite escort girl protects her image by choosing to wear modest and classic style and wears it well. The goal here is to be inconspicuous; sophisticated and elegant, but never showy or shouting for attention for the wrong reasons.